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This is a non-commercial women-only community space with free membership, run by leatherdykes, for leatherdykes. Everything about this site, right down to the webhosting company that hosts it, is owned by leatherdykes, and is done on a volunteer basis by BDSM-loving lesbians for other kinky dykes.

Yes, it's free. And non-commercial.

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What is LeatherDyke.com?

Have you ever wished you could go socialize in leatherdyke owned and operated place every day without looking for parking or putting your pants on?

Here is such a place and it thrives as leatherdykes debate, support, educate, date and humor each other online all day via this exclusive noncommercial site.

We launched Oct 13, 2003 (although we trace our group DYKElist history from 1997). As of Jan 1, 2009, our 1050 users have posted a total of 27529 articles in threads ranging from (human) pet care, to sex tips, to personals, to bootblacking techniques. And that doesn't even count the chatroom, links area, user galleries, blogs, and the private messages that fly about.

Events are announced, roommates matched up and parties thrown around the world... this is online space that is intertwined with real life... and it is accessible and free to all women who meet the membership criteria whether they are housebound, childcare-bound or just looking for a new dyke to bound... er.. bind them.

LeatherDyke.com is lesbian-owned and run, including the business that houses our server. Our members range in experience from newly experiencing all the exciting aspects of BDSM, to women who have been in the formal scene community for 20+ years and enjoy mentoring others.

Sex workers, transgendered (MTF) women, women of color and/or of diverse spiritualities, different body types and/or economic status, and/or politics, are welcome on this list.

This site is not open to the general public. This is a private space where only members may read, post, put up pics and write personals.

In order to gain access, you should be recommended by a current LeatherDyke.Com member, and/or you may request a personal interview with one of our Leatherdyke Admins.

Here for membership criteria: http://leatherdyke.com/join/criteria.html

Here for instructions on how to get membership: http://leatherdyke.com/join/

-LeatherDyke Admin Team


Drop us a line at admin, followed by that cute little at sign, followed by leatherdyke, then a period, then "com". Yes, yes, spammers fuck off.

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Social software at its finest, including conversation, personals, bios, scene reports, buy & sell, and live chat.

2:     DykeList at LeatherDyke.Com:

The email discussion list for leatherdyke matters. A going concern since 1997.


Documents of Interest:

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Glossary of Terms for LeatherDyke.Com

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